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Our Mission

To increase food access and reduce food waste by rethinking how food is supplied to local neighborhoods, educating consumers, and empowering community members to join us in our vision.

About Us

Our Vision

A world without waste and communities without hunger.

Our Company

Under The Sun Market is rethinking how to make food accessible in Indianapolis.


Recently, the number of grocery stores that have closed in our city have left many families without a reliable place to get nutritious food.


We use Food Recovery to buy and sell food at a low cost. This allows us to position sustainable stores in communities that traditional grocers have left.


We are also rethinking how local produce is sold, by creating space in our store for nearby farmers to sell directly to customers. This creates market access for local farmers and a source of healthy food for the community.


As we replicate this model throughout Indianapolis, we hope to empower local community members to join us and be a part of the solution to end food insecurity.


Our History

Originally starting as a small liquidation company run out of a garage, we have come a long way to get to where we are today, an innovative market partnering with local farms, providing wholesome food, fresh produce, and a variety of merchandise all at an affordable price.


In 2014 we only had a small warehouse, our business model was solely liquidation, and it was primarily online. The rest of our product was sold at a storefront area of our warehouse with a generous discount. We quickly gained a loyal following of people who loved finding great deals. With an increased following we turned our attention to the physical store. We outgrew the first warehouse and moved to a bigger location nearby on the near east side of Indianapolis.


As we became more involved in the community, we grew more aware of how difficult it was for our neighbors to access healthy food. We realized that we were in a prime location to positively impact our local community. We began crafting a workable solution to make healthy food accessible.


The company's storefront kept growing, we expanded our selection and focused primarily on our market. We updated our image as Under The Sun Market, and partnered with local organizations to begin making fresh and healthy produce available.




Today our market serves people around Indianapolis and in our local neighborhood. We use food recovery to purchase and distribute food at affordable prices, while simultaneously reducing food waste. We partner with local organizations that share a passion for food access, and we have created space in our store for local farmers to sell directly to the community. We are one of the only healthy food options in our neighborhood, and we look forward to providing healthy options for more neighborhoods around the city.




Under The Sun Market is always looking for more partners seeking to improve food access in Indianapolis, and we hope to see this model replicated and positively impacting neighborhoods throughout Indianapolis


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